New Appetites for New Nutrition

New Appetites is about helping you to find your food center. Diets don't work but learning a new way of eating, that you enjoy, will change your life. You wouldn't decide to take up jogging and then run a marathon on your first day. You would get advice, hire a trainer, and do a lot of practicing. Nutrition is no different. Those who seek advice, get information, and find support have the most success with health and wellness.

What is the benefit of a health coach?

Health coaching is flexible and personal. You decide what you need from a one-time service such as advice on how to set up your pantry all the way to a personalized, individual nutrition plan. New Appetites is here to support you.

Why holistic nutrition?

Integrated, holistic nutrition is a new way of approaching food and health. It is about helping people to use the present to make positive changes in the future. It's not about counting calories, or weighing food, or giving up your favorite foods.

New Appetites was founded by Loucindy Weitzman, health coach, dedicated to helping you to make positive changes and reach your nutrition goals.

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