I am a traveler, mastectomy fitter, wife of a small business owner, and an advocate for creating individual relationships with real food. I can help you learn how to feel better through your diet and lifestyle.

My whole life has been preparing me for this work. As a child, our family grew all our own food in the summer and canned food for winter. As a teenager we embraced grocery stores, fast food, and SAD (the standard American diet). When I was 19 I was diagnosed with a food allergy to beef and became a strict vegetarian for 10 years. In my late 20s and early 30s I had a lot of stress, menstrual pain and was constantly battling sugar addiction. All of these experiences helped me gain sensitivity into the myriad ways people have relationships to food and eating.

Then, in 2006 I got sick with intense gall bladder pain. For six months, I went to doctors and had tests. Eventually, I was told there was nothing wrong with me. Knowing that there was something wrong I decided to tweak my diet. In just a couple weeks I felt remarkably better, and in 30 days I felt completely fine. I was even happier that I lost some weight in the process. That experience ultimately led me to an integrative nutrition school in New York City with the desire to help people also struggling with food and health issues.

Are you feeling sick and not finding solutions from regular doctors? Or are you just ready for a nutrition and lifestyle change and want someone supportive to guide you along the way? I can help. Check out my blog for tips, read about my services, or contact me directly to talk about how I can support you to feel better and develop some new appetites.


Increase kindness and decrease suffering.

Who do I work with?

While I have worked with many people, and I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone, I do specialize in helping:

Women wanting to increase energy levels and/or decrease sugar cravings

Women experiencing menstrual pain

Women experiencing low sex drive

People who have been told by doctors that there is nothing wrong but are still looking for answers


Health Coach Certificate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York City

MS Psychology, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut

BA Psychology, Wells College, Aurora, New York

AA, Liberal Studies, Cottey College, Nevada, Missouri


I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I have completed the Amoena Specialist Fitter training and am currently doing fittings as I work toward my certification as a Mastectomy Specialist Fitter.

I am currently enrolled in the Immersion program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition to complete an optional second year of training.