Individual Nutrition Counseling

Comprehensive Program

Your body is unique and careful consideration to your health history, will be examined to identify the best eating plan for you. All the things happening in the present are affecting your health. We will look at things such as genetics, stress factors, relationships, lifestyle and career choices. Through one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions, you’ll receive guidance, support and knowledge on how to be healthy, have more energy, tackle specific problems, and achieve and maintain long-term lifestyle changes. Individuals programs are not necessarily for one person. They can also be tailored for families or couples wanting to work on health goals together.

This 6-month program includes:
  • Two 50-minute appointments per month (12 sessions in all) in person which will include discussion of client progress and recommendations
  • Unlimited email coaching between sessions
  • Tour of a local health food store (or any other single service listed on the Other Services page)
  • Recipes, health and wellness exercises, and informational handouts will be emailed to you
  • Books, tapes, CDs, movies, workshops and modalities to incorporate healthy habits into your life

Jump Start Program

Do you already (mostly) have a handle on your health? Do you just need to focus on one specific area? Or are you someone who just wants to get a taste of what health coaching is like and what it can do for you? You have the option of doing the Comprehensive Program for one month. There is no obligation to continue and everything is the same except the cost to you is much lower.

Intensive Program

Don't feel you have enough time for the six month Comprehensive Program? Or are you a highly motivated person who works quickly? If so, I offer an Intensive Program. Everything included in the Comprehensive Program is also in this option, but instead of 2 sessions a month you will have one session a week and will be able to finish in 3 months. This option is not right for everyone.

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