Pantry Make-Over
Is your kitchen helping you lose weight and achieve your health goals? If not, it's probably time for a healthy pantry makeover. It's a lot easier to make healthy meals when you have the ingredients on hand. I will come to your house and help you eliminate unhealthy items from your pantry. We will then re-stock your pantry with healthy items. Handouts and recipes included.

In-Home Cooking Classes
Handouts with ingredients and recipes will be provided. More information coming soon.

Visit a Health Food Store
Do you wonder what to buy at the health food store? In this class, we will go to the store together and learn about organic produce, bulk grains, natural sweeteners and healthy cleaning products. Alternately, you can choose to do a tour of your favorite grocery store where the focus will be on guiding you to find the healthiest options.

Visit a Farmer's Market
Similar to the health food store tour. We will visit a farmer's market in your area together, learn about the produce, grains, and products available.

Office Visits
You have the option of scheduling a weekly appointment if you live in the area. We will sit down and discuss topics related to your health goals, and I will work to support you in reaching those goals. If you are interested in this option, ask me for more details.

Maintenance Program
Once you are finished with coaching sessions, you might find that something comes up and you'd like to talk about it together. You can still contact me for one-on-one guidance. If you're interested, just ask me about how this works.