Adversity in life

I happened to stumble on the TED conference website the other day. Successful speakers talk about what they’ve learned, what they believe and why they’ve been successful in about 18 minutes. The video I clicked on was Aimee Mullins. If you don’t recognize her name she is an amputee paralympic medalist for track, model, and actor. The topic she chose was adversity.

So often in life we do whatever we can to avoid adversity. Bad things happen and we lose faith in ourselves, in humanity, in our religion. Mullins talked about how, “Adversity isn’t an obstacle that we need to get around in order to resume living our life, it is a part of life.”

People often think that if they could just get this or accomplish that they’d be happy. But, really, if you had no challenges in your life, wouldn’t you just be bored?

Human beings need goals and things to strive for. So instead of thinking of those pounds you still need to lose or that job you really want to quit, think about how adversity is helping you to create a better life for yourself. Those places that are uncomfortable are just the billboards of life trying to get you to pay attention. You might need to make a change, or you might need to stick with something. Follow your intuition.

Thomas Edison tried thousands of ways of making a light bulb before it worked. It took him over fifty years. And when a reporter asked him about all his failures he couldn’t believe it. He responded by saying that those weren’t failures they were just part of a process that was teaching him how to get to his success.

People like Mullins and Edison are successful because they don’t get discouraged. And more importantly, they don’t view adversity as a bad thing at all.



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  • Karen Pinedo

    Great job on the website Loucindy…wishing you much success in this endeavor…but you know your most difficult challenge will be converting me!!!


  • Thanks, Karen!

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