Jillian Michaels explains success

I have a fascination with Jillian Michaels. She’s the female trainer on The Biggest Loser and is known for her tough, sometimes bootcamp-like fitness training. However you feel about her style, she has had great success in teaching people about food, exercise, and weight loss. While her technique is very different from my own, I do understand her rationale for holding people accountable.

The other day I was listening to a series of four interviews done by the editor of Success magazine. At the end of each interview he would ask the obligatory self-plug question: Why should people read Success magazine or a magazine like Success? Of the four, Michaels had the best answer.

She said that the only way we ever accomplish anything in life is through education and inspiration. She said she has spent her career studying successful people in her field. You learn so much from the information and advice, she said. What worked for the people who are most successful? What were their challenges and how did they overcome them? What have they learned? How did they structure their practice? She went on to say that this kind of study creates a “powerful, positive focus.”

Whatever the reason, the things we think about are the things we tend to attract in life. Michaels does not care whether the reason for that is biochemical, psychological, or some other reason. She just knows that it’s true. She uses it to her advantage and she encourages her clients to do the same.

So, give some thought to how you are educating yourself. To many of us, education is what happens in a classroom or it’s a means to an end (a degree and/or a job). But what if you took a broader view of education? Surround yourself with the topics that fascinate, confuse or inspire you. Talk to people who work in the field, find groups where other people are interested in the same things, read some books, find a social network. The more you know the more you can put into action. Success and action are inseparable.


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