Bank accounts and body image

One thing that has always stuck with me from psychology classes is that those who shop the most usually have the lowest self-esteem. There are a lot of explanations for why this is but basically Suze Orman put it best when she said, “you shop more when you feel less.” We seek ways to make ourselves feel better in the short term.

Most of us are not wealthy enough to shop often without incurring debt, so then we add another issue to our lives.

There is a real connection between your finances and your self-concept. We might know that there is a connection between self-concept and mood. But take a step back and you’ll notice there is also a pretty strong relationship between your bank account and your body image.  For some people that means money is partially responsible for their body weight.

Not to say that shopping is bad in itself. Just remember everything is best in moderation. Are you shopping enough to ask yourself, “Am I shopping too much?” Or are incurring a rapidly increasing credit card balance?

The complicated nature of this single issue is one reason why health coaching isn’t just about food.  On some level pretty much everything in your life is inter-related. Holistic health counseling can help you understand how something that might seem far removed (such as finances) relates to your overall wellness.


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