Who’s on your wellness team?

A conversation I had yesterday reminded me that many people see wellness as that time when you get sick, go to the doctor and get a prescription to feel better again. Wellness, then, is the absence of pain. And getting well becomes a journey back to a time before thinking about that pain or injury.

But everything we do impacts our health and wellness. Our goal shouldn’t be to return to a state of blissful unconsciousness. It should be to take steps to create a life, relationships, and a physical environment that support our healthy goals.

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To that end, is it enough to have a doctor and a dentist? A separate conversation yesterday brought up this question. I have long felt people do need more but I never conceptualized the idea until Laura Wald, director of The Green Life Health called it a wellness team yesterday. A wellness team is all the people who support your health.

“We need to get away from the idea that wellness is for the affluent,” she said. And you know, we really do.

Besides a doctor and a dentist who would you include in your wellness team?

Maybe it’s a chiropractor, or a health counselor, or spiritual leader. Maybe it’s a green beauty salon or a local community garden group. Maybe it’s a networking group or a weekly massage. Maybe it’s a particular friend who makes you feel energized or a yoga studio with inspirational members. You decide what your wellness circle would look like, but the important thing is to be mindful of wellness and how relationships and professional services impact your health.

Laura is organizing a free women’s health event on Sunday, May 15 and is passionate about these kinds of issues.  She’ll be talking about issues relating to women’s health at the event called: Barbies, Bitches and the Beloved. Come talk to women and hear other women’s experiences. Registration is required, but all the details can be found on her website.


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