Have you tried this unique fruit?

There is a berry that is native to Africa but is little known in the United States. Well, not completely unknown. It is grown and used in Florida and is growing into wider appeal. It is called miracle berry. This berry is unlike any other fruit you’ve ever eaten. What has everyone from foodies to cancer patients curious to try this berry?

The proteins in the berry bind in a certain way that makes everything eaten taste sweeter than is normally possible for about 30 minutes. Therefore, a lemon tastes like lemonade and vinegar like apple juice. The protein is called Miraculin and is perhaps part of what gives the fruit its unusual name.

The berry has a very short shelf life, so is usually sold in tablet form. It seems to helps cancer patients who have lost the ability to enjoy eating and foodies who are just curious for a new taste experience. It is also popular in Japan among people with diabetes.

Back in the 1970s the Food and Drug Administration labeled miracle berries as a food additive instead of recognizing it as a natural product. In somewhat counter intuitive logic, the FDA categorizes artificial sweeteners as sugar substitutes making them easier to be bought and sold commercially.

If you are interested in learning more about miracle berries, read this CNN article. If you are interested in trying the berry stop by Pelton’s in Wethersfield where they can be purchased in packs of 10.


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  • Bruce

    Tried it the other night. It was fun. We tried lemon and lime, they tasted like candy.

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