USDA drops pyramid for plate

The food pyramid is no more. The USDA recently unveiled what it calls a nutrition plate. How does it differ from the pyramids? Besides the obvious, there are no more specific foods displayed as in the earlier incarnations.

The plate is divided about evenly into four quadrants: fruits, vegetables, protein and grains. Dairy is off to the side.

The nutrition plate is a vast improvement over the food pyramids but a few things still seem to be missing. There is no mention of fats (healthy or otherwise) and the dairy circle seems like a subliminal Got Milk ad. There is also no mention of greens (a great source of calcium) and the category most overlooked in the standard American diet. And for the extra picky, the grains category would better be labeled whole grains.

But, it’s progress in the right direction and something everyone who works in the food and nutrition field is glad to see. What do you think?


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